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Even if you’ve never been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s possible to develop gestational diabetes while you're pregnant. Dr. Betre can help patients in the Tulare, California area navigate the ins and outs of diabetes during pregnancy.

Diabetes Q & A

by Abraham Betre, D.O.

How did my pregnancy cause diabetes?

There are multiple factors that come into play for patients who develop gestational diabetes. Normally, your pancreas manufactures enough insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels. When you’re pregnant, your placenta creates hormones that can cause sugar to build up in your blood. If the level of sugar in your blood is too much for your pancreas to handle, you can develop gestational diabetes.

How do you treat gestational diabetes?

Exercising and eating according to Dr. Betre’s recommendations is especially vital when you have gestational diabetes. Regularly visiting for check-ups, checking your blood sugar levels and monitoring your baby’s growth and health are also important steps for keeping your diabetes in check. It might also be necessary for you to take diabetes medication or insulin if your blood sugar reaches a high enough level. The average target blood glucose numbers for women with gestational diabetes are as follows:

  • Before meals (or when you wake up): 95 or lower
  • One hour after eating: 140 or lower
  • Two hours after eating: 120 or lower

Discuss your gestational diabetes with Dr. Betre to make sure these levels are right for you.

Does diabetes affect my baby?

As long as you follow your doctor’s orders and regularly monitor your baby’s health, it’s unlikely that diabetes will affect your baby. After you give birth, the doctor will monitor your baby’s blood sugar levels and possibly other blood levels such as calcium, bilirubin and red blood cells just to make sure everything is normal. Sometimes, a mother’s high blood sugar levels can provide their developing baby with too much sugar that consequently turns to fat. This leads to a baby that grows larger than normal and may require a C-section.

Will the diabetes go away after I have my baby?

Most women who keep their blood sugar within a target range during their pregnancy experience a return to normal blood sugar levels within days or even hours after they give birth. But if you have gestational diabetes once, you're more likely to develop it again the next time you get pregnant. You are also more likely to develop permanent, type 2 diabetes, but treating your diabetes during your pregnancy decreases this risk. Discuss your gestational diabetes and treatment options with Dr. Betre, and keep you and your developing baby healthy.

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